Too Jealous To Love An Escort?

My wife found out that I have been dating London escorts for the last two years. Needless to say, she is furious and is threatening to divorce. I have promised her that I am not going to contact and date London escorts again. Mind you, that is easier said than done. What my wife does not know is that I have always been hooked on dating London escorts and used to date escorts before we got married. I actually dated escorts days before my wife and I got married.

I am sure that if my wife found out that I used to date London escorts before we got married, she would call it quits. I would end up going through a very messy divorce and my wife would probably come out on top. As so many other men who may date London escorts, I have too much to lose. Having worked hard all of my life I don’t want to end up giving up all of my creature comforts at the age of 61 years old. That would not be very smart.

How did I get back into dating London escorts? It was actually a friend of mine who organised a dinner business meeting. If I had known that he had invited London escorts to attend I would probably not have gone. From experience I know that it is hard for me to resist pretty young women. Of course, most girls who work for London escorts are sexy and young. Anyway, this one escort was one of the sexiest girls that I have ever seen and we ended up spending most of the night together.

When we parted company, she gave me the phone to the cheap outcall London escorts agency that she worked for. I resisted for a couple of days, but the following Monday, I ended up contacting her. I asked her out to dinner and we have been dating ever since. It was pretty easy for me to get away with our relationship as I have an apartment in London that I stay in when I am too busy with work or finish late. Setting up dates with London escorts is easy and as most girls work as outcall escorts, all I had to do was to give her a call and she would come around.

Since my wife found out about me and my friend from London escorts, I have regretted the relationship. I don’t want to start all over again and I know that it is my stupid fault. The problem is that my wife probably will not forgive me. Ever since she found out we have been living separate lives. I keep telling the kids that I sleep in the bedroom because I snore, but I think that excuse is beginning to wear a little bit thin. I do wonder how my kids would feel if they found out that I had been dating a London escort. They would probably come down on the side of their mom.

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