Booking a Tower Bridge escort on my birthday

I always wanted to experience how birthdays celebrated perhaps because when I was a child I never had a blast nor simple gatherings. Birthdays is one of the most important celebrations of human life; we should thank God for another year of existence. We do not know when our time comes to an end and that’s how days are essential to us. It is such a blessing when we still woke up each day and meet another challenge of life.

When I was a child, I always wanted to have a fairy tale themed birthday. I get so envy to our neighbors before who celebrated his birthday with a theme; I think it is beautiful and joyous. I never got a chance to attend any birthday parties because poor people are not allowed. I was at our window staring those people happily celebrating. Did I ask mom why we don’t celebrate birthdays? She said that birthdays are special but as much as they want to, they can’t afford the expenses. According to mom, it is more important first that we should finish our college, for us to celebrate birthdays in the future. I understand my parents why they can’t give us birthdays, yes because we are difficult in life.

I promise myself that I have to finish my education no matter what happened. I know that when I get a stable job, I can finally afford to celebrate my birthday. I also wanted to experience it with my whole family. It wasn’t an easy journey for me; I also had gone through a lot of struggles in life. During my college years, it becomes more difficult for my parents to support me. I also don’t want to let my siblings stop because of me. And so I decided to work for myself and let alone support my education. I work hard a lot, together with studies and job.

There are times that in a day I only take a nap and go to work. I also have grades to maintain in order to have good employment in the future. I am on my last year in college, and I have to focus myself to it. I wanted to make my parents proud of me. When the time has come, and finally I graduated from college. I work in Tower Bridge because I get an excellent opportunity there. I send money to my family for financial support. My birthday is fast approaching, and so excited to went home. But unfortunately, I was not granted to go back home because of essential matters. I book a Tower Bridge escort for my birthday, and she gives happiness to me. It was my first time to celebrate a birthday and Tower Bridge escort give it all. Booking a Tower Bridge escort from on my birthday was a right decision

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